Child custody is often the most difficult and critical side of a divorce process. The GARCIA-MARISCAL ATTORNEYS are absolutely  sensitive to this fact. The Lawyers Team are compromise to preserve “the best interest” of the child as a matter of fact is by far the most important key point  in our practice. We are experience lawyers  fighting  hard to make the process work for our clients.

Our attorneys have the skill and understanding to help families. Resolve these highly-sensitive matters in a calm atmosphere.  We are representing already thousands of families, giving them our most warm expertise to conduct  the process with a lot of care and understanding the pain.  You  can rely on our expertise in child custody rights.

“Our attorneys have the skill and understanding to help families quickly resolve highly-sensitive child custody

We handles all steps of matrimonial litigation in Family Courts, Court of Appeals and Supreme Courts. We practice all phases of divorce process, custody, support, visitation and equitable distribution issues; as well as paternity, adoption and domestic violence matters. Our firm offers aggressive and compassionate legal representation and will help you plan and structure a cost-effective resolution of your family related legal problems.

Experienced Child Custody Attorneys

In reaching a child custody agreement, many people don’t know where to start. It can be difficult to move beyond the emotions and come to consensus. Our experienced child custody attorneys will guide you through the process in a reassuring manner. We carefully explain the rights, laws, and the legal procedure to each client, so that they fully understand their options.

We then listen to each client’s priorities and concerns, so that we can accurately articulate and address your wishes to the court. The child custody lawyers at GARCIA-MARISCAL are experienced at handling custody or visitation disputes, as well as other issues. Our attorneys can help reach sound decisions that guard the future of your children and your child custody rights.

Best Interest of the Child

Spanish Law,  is changing towards” the join custody” as the best way to preserve a child’s living arrangements. It is always  based on what is best for that child. Determining the child’s “best interest” is at the heart of custody litigation. GARCIA-MARISCAL fights very hard  to represent our clients in their most honest way favorable to protect children  from being drawn into the acrimony that surrounds most divorce cases.

If your divorce involves children, don’t waste valuable time. To learn about your child custody rights, contact GARCIA-MARISCAL LAW FIRM  to arrange a personal consultation with one of our skilled attorneys.