Divorce & Separation

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Under Spanish Spanish family law, you can decide on either a petition for separation or a petition for divorce. The main difference is that if you decide just for a separation, you cannot marry again until you obtain a divorce order.

Mutual Agreement Separation or Divorce; you are free to reach an out-of-court agreement that must be signed before a Judge, or you can agree to the terms in court.

International Divorce

International couples around the world are increasing every year. It is frequent to see couples of different nationalities living in Spain or having connections with the country, or having assets abroad. Our expertise in international family law can help you in your separation or divorce process.

Our main work deals with cross-border family issues, where two or more jurisdictions are involved.

We provide international legal advice, certificates of law, and expert witness reports for foreign legal proceedings.

Jointly held Spanish assets

If there are any jointly held assets in Spain, we can assist you with the transfer process and the change of ownership even if the divorce process is being pursued out of Spain. We provide you with legal assistance in enforcing freezing orders issued by foreign courts.

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