Traffic accidents are one cause of mortality. High speed, alcohol and others substances abuse are the  causes of Traffic accidents.

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The most frequent problems you can come across and to which our professionals will offer you their assessment are:

  • How to report a traffic accident?
  • Is it advisable to make a friendly report between both parts?
  • How to tackle physical damage?
  • What to do when there are injured victims in an accident?
  • What to do when there are mortal victims in an accident?
  • Who to turn to when facing an accident?
  • Is the intervention of the Security Forces recommended?
  • Which are consequences have the existence of a report if a traffic accident has occurred?
  • What happens if I go to a Medical Centre because I am injured by a traffic accident?
  • What data is necessary for claiming damages and indemnity resulting from a traffic accident?
  • What risks are covered by my insurance?
  • When must I hand the report to my insurance company?
  • What chances have I got of obtaining results when I claim damages to my insurance company?
  • What must I do when my insurance company replies to my claim of damages?
  • What is the extent of the economic consequences of a traffic accident?
  • What quantity of money can I obtain for material damages on my vehicle?
  • What quantity of money can I obtain for personal damages or injuries?
  • Who has the Right to receive indemnity?
  • Who cannot receive indemnity?
  • What must I do to claim the injuries I have suffered?
  • What must I do to claim the cost of repairing my vehicle?
  • Who is the culprit and who the victim of an accident?
  • How important are the witnesses of an accident?
  • What must I do if I see a vehicle ran off after causing an accident?