Quality legal services  for people dealing with international divorce

International Divorce of married business and professional people. Working or Living in different countries subjects to number of legal jurisdictions.

To know  the specifications of  different legislation, courts process in different countries it is the skills an international family lawyer must have work .

Which law applies to a divorce, custody, Alimony,  financial support, assets division, matrimonial property etc.

or other matrimonial case and where  to present our petition before of which court in order to hear the case can have

That’s where we come in.

We will help to take the best decision and then go  together through the entire process.

We  represent divorcing clients with international affairs 

We offer  advice and cost effective representation to our clients. many of our clients have assets in different jurisdictions.

Often have more than one residency, and develop business affairs in different  Countries with and have concerns about, Alimony, property rights, residency, the custody and the well-being of their children, immigration laws.

Our experience in international matrimonial and business matters, We provide an extremely personalized service, quickly and efficiently. We get the job done for our clients so that they can get on with their lives.

Most of Our  international clients  are  moving to a new stage of their lives.