Advocates for Victims of Domestic Violence

If you have suffered stalking, harassment and making of serious threats against you, your children or your other loved ones, even abuse at the hands of a family member, spouse, domestic partner, or other individual.
The most important thing to do it is to obtain an order of protection immediately.
The protection Order can provide you with a measure of security while you — and your attorney — work together put a solution in place.
Standing Up for Those Who Have Been Falsely Accused

Garcia Mariscal Law Firm, gets a large compromise with the victims. We Stands Up for those who had been falsely accused of domestic violence. A false allegation is an abuse of the system. It is also an abuse of the person who now has to face the potentially serious civil and criminal consequences. In order to fight a false allegation, it will almost certainly be necessary to enlist the services of a lawyer with substantial experience in these cases. Unfortunately, they are sometimes used as a “sword” to gain an advantage in a divorce or custody proceeding. García Mariscal Attorneys has practiced law in all over Spain for more than 20 years and has successfully handled a substantial number of these cases.
The domestic violence protections orders were created as a “shield” to protect victims. We have enough expertise to protect you against this abuse of the legal system.